What is an Acai Bowl?


Acai Bowls are another great way to enjoy Acai besides as a smoothie! We insist on preparing the best Acai Bowl possible for your enjoyment. Along with organic Acai berries, we use Strawberries, Blueberries, local Banana, organic Apple Juice to create the perfect blend. Because it is very thick, it becomes an Acai bowl you eat with a spoon! Topped with organic granola and fresh local banana, this is the perfect snack or meal filled with lots of energy.

Can we take out Acai Bowls?

Yes, we have take out containers for Acai Bowls. Your granola will be separated in a small bag to prevent it from getting soggy in the bowl. To start, just open the bag and sprinkle the granola on top! It is recommended to start eating the acai bowl as soon as possible, however, if you do need to keep longer, please put it in the freezer. 

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