Spplements & Add ons

Chia Seeds  Derive from the plant Salvia 

hispanica.  Rich source of Omega-3

fattyacids, protein, antioxidants and fiber


Energy Boost  B-Complex, Chromium,



Whey Protein Helps build muscles and

recoveryafter workouts 


Bee Pollen    

The flower pollen that is collected by honey-

bees when they land on flowers to collect

nectar.  Rich in proteins, amino acids. A great

sourceof antioxidants 


Organic Spirulina 

100% natural and a highly nutritious micro

salt water plant. This spiral shaped algae is

a rich food source of vegetable protein, multi 

Vitamins, wide range of minerals, a high

volume of Beta- carotene.  Boost immune



Açai  Packed with antioxidants and omega

fatty acids  


Multiple Vitamin  50+ Vitamins, Minerals

and Whole Food Amino Acids


Immunity Booster   

Anti cold formula with Vitamin C, Bioflavonoids,

Rose Hips & Acerola



Naturally detoxifying and immune-supportive


Matcha Green Tea Powder Energy Booster and

Calorie Burner 




Organic Cacao  Top source of antioxidants, and

it contains an abundance of magnesium and iron.  

It can improve heart health, cholesterol, stress

levels, and inflammation 


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